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Courtyard and Strolling Landscape Plans. 

Our Practice and Schedule of Rates for Services

We are a team of Oregon Landscape Architects and Landscape Professionals specialized in residential and commercial courtyards.

Nature's Paintbrush Landscape Architecture LLC offers the following services:

  • Match Client's Desires to their Site
  • Specializing in Japanese, pan-Pacific and PNW Designs 
  • Integrate landscape architectural elements with the architecture of the built environment
  • Realize design opportunities within site constraints
  • Respect water, solar, wind and terrain dynamics
  • In Courtyards: stonework, plants, and pathways, spatial arrangements for circulation and access
  • Efficient water use and conservation: micro-irrigation, drainage, and water retention/detention considerations 
  • Drawings: conceptual, master plan, detail, and construction drawings as each project may need
  • Installation coordination: project management with suppliers and contractors, quality control
  • Maintenance plans: containment of planned growth and long term maintenance
  • Roof landscape concepts and designs        





  • Site evaluation: site analysis of existing conditions
  • Includes.. site measurements, soil analysis, current documentations, locates, all existing elements and vegetation, site aspect, viewshed contributors for borrowed landscapes both near and distant, the built environment as it relates to human needs and aesthetics, essentially all of the "as built" conditions to negotiate your landscape design together, and a photographic record.
  • Clients describe their goals throughout the entire plan development and this is where it all begins as you share your vision.
  • Revisions


  • Base map drafting from site work preparations, Master Plan for your project and subsequent construction and detail drawings with focal points where needed or helpful for contractor installations, set the spatial goals and circulation patterns throughout the site and describe them on paper, planting plans, hardscape locations, landscape lighting suggestions, irrigation zone suggestions, viewshed opportunities are expanded upon on these documents as well.
  • Revisions


  • This is done from your new plans from our studio.
  • Sequence and process application of the project.
  • Includes vendor recommendations: landscape contractors, plant nurseries to connect with, RFP for project estimates and bids from contractors.
  • Coordination with vendors for project management if requested.
  • Maintenance schedules for future success of your project.  


  • Initial site consultation........................  $195 flat rate
  • Site work services................................  $150/hour
  • Studio services.....................................  $160/hour
  • Project management............................. $140/hour


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Landscaping Services

  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Selection of plants and elements
  • Installation supervision

Areas Served

  • Oregon
  • Hawaii

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326 NE 6TH Street
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