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Courtyard and Strolling Landscape Plans. 

Featured Design Projects

Michelbook Country Club

While on the Greens Committee for MCC it became an opportunity to improve safety for golfers who were being narrowly missed by range balls.  We relocated the driving range tees.

Yamhill Dry Creekbed

Begun by the property owner we were called to add conclusion and to affect a dry creek bed using his important 'Buddha Stone'.  This site demonstrates the juxtaposing of time lines to show several ...

Torii Mor Winery, Dundee

Designed by Jim McDaniel for his personal residence, this is a good example of keeping enough existing plant structure to create secluded courtyards as one finds in Japan where it is probably genetic to ...

Switzer Dental Office, Mcminnville

Installed late in 2016 this linear landscape will be in full vegetative growth in spring 2017 for the many nearby restaurants and shops to enjoy.  Dr. Switzer DMD had grown up in Kamakura and wanted ...

Singleton Property, Homesteads Area On Kauai

Large palms help to frame this setting.

Shadden Development, Mcminnville

The many residences in this developing area are part of a growing residential sector in McMinnville.

Schultz Law Office, Mcminnville

This very visible site required plant selections that would withstand intense heat.  The strong line laid with bricks from on-site helped make this a success.

Ruth Barbour Residence, Mcminnville

This was a joint design with Jim and Tim McDaniel.  The owner later sold her home for a nice profit after the investment into her landscape.

Kaplan Residence, Anini Beach

It is almost impossible to get it wrong with native vegetation that can do this much.  The owner needed to have access to the beach for surfing, naturally.

James Brooks Residence, Dundee

Jim McDaniel was the lead designer along with another famous Japanese landscape architect to advise with boulder placements.

Hodson House, Mcminnville

The Japanese theme is well suited to this wonderful old house.  Each side of the property is like a courtyard that seamlessly segues into the next by using connecting stepping stone trails that create ...

First Hawaiian Bank, Lihue

Source stone played a big part in this design/build installation.  The lava material on Kauai was such that the individual pieces were much like the mountains and islands themselves in shape. ...

Evergreen Memorial Park, Mcminnville

Plans include a Master Plan for an additional 60 A. of future development to take this facility into another century.  It is important for tree selections to flower on or around Memorial Day weekend.

Cherry Tree Apartments, Mcminnville

These new townhouse apartments needed to be visually blended with the nearby Red Fern Apartments by using a cohesive planting plan yet still recognizing the two different architectural settings. Some landscape ...

Ben Stiller Residence, Anini Beach on Kauai

This residential site on the northshore bluffs of Kauai has a spectacular view. The challenges were: negotiate the slope and the aspect of the residence while providing cover from and enjoyment of the ...

Argyle Winery, Dundee

Jim McDaniel was the lead designer for this original Argyle Winery landscape emphasizing plant selection, design, and symmetry.  The challenge was to create motion and interest and to also increase ...

North Eugene koi pond and surrounds

North Eugene Japanese koi pond and landscape installation. Collaboration among the owner, our landscape contractor, the crane operator and myself made it possible to realize this intense design/build. ...


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